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A look under the hood of look-alike modelling

The contest between Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn to create your perfect replica

Written with Dr Edwina Luck, Senior Lecturer QUT Business School, Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations.

Do you ever wonder if you have a doppelgänger? A twin? Someone with the same DNA as you? It’s an interesting question that probably belongs in a Sci Fi movie or book. A concept from Blade Runner 2049 and not our reality in 2019. But many people don’t realise there’s a very good chance they have a double. In the wars to conquer cyberspace, an algorithm on Facebook, Google, Twitter and/or LinkedIn (coming soon) may have created the perfect replica of you.

Cloning people online…

There's so much information out there on how magical insights from data can take your communications (comms) to the next level. And if you're feeling confused, bewildered or lost by it all, don't worry — you are not alone. This article simply explains what data won't help you do clever comms, what data will help, and how you can do clever comms that are data-driven.

Communicators fulfil their organisation’s mission by communicating strategically(1) and data is the foundation today’s communication strategies are built on. In 2017, IDC (International Data Corporation) predicted the world’s data will increase tenfold within the next seven years. Meanwhile, the amount of data being analysed will increase to 50 times the current level and analysis will be in real-time to allow evidence-based decision making (2). Data analysis can lead to clever comms based on accurate and meaningful information — facts and figures rather than opinions — that are usually more effective in achieving desired outcomes.

Data-driven communication is part of a…

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